corey smith
composer, writer, performer









my name is corey smith

i make performances, sounds, texts, dances, and situations. i write letters, poems, songs, eulogies, and words to put in mouths. i perform. when i perform, i do so as a body, a human being in front of other human beings. i perform as myself - a person with a history that is multivalent, interests that are far reaching, and a body that has a weird birthmark on its stomach. i sometimes perform as a voice or as a maker of sound. in other lives, i perform as a trumpet player, an improvisor, a dancer, or a teacher.

my work sits at the intersection of text, music, and performance.

i am a classically trained composer, but i am much more interested in an art that obscures the boundaries between worlds: words that are sound, music that is image, body that is text. i am interested in the blurring of history and mythology, the similarities between truth and subjectivity, and how you can explode a pop song.

i am in search of a personal and regional identity that contains contradictions. i am in search of a performance that is peculiar and joyous and aware.

my work is political, uninhibited, personal.
my work is formal, specific, oriented.
my work is ephemeral, queer, questioning.

my work is about myths. myths about the self or about the land/water.

sometimes my work is about capitalism and other times it is about cornfields.
sometimes it is about things I don’t understand (words, emotions, people, politics) and other times it is about dancing.

i live in chicago.

i like to make things with other people. it is very important to me.
if you would like to make things with me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!